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203 Harrison Place #327
Brooklyn, NY, 11237
United States


futuristic jewelry



Siwei Ren

I am a maker. When I was very young, I folded a paper plane and hung a tiny roll of oiled paper at the gravity center. I released it from my balcony to test if burning the roll of paper will make the plane glide farther or not. I am also a destroyer. I was aware this could destroy the plane, but my plane burned my neighbor's plants as well.

I am a builder. At age 11, I spent a summer making a highly detailed Cologne Cathedral model, and that model helped my parents introduce their future architect son to others. I am also a demolisher. When I was 14 and my parents still used the cathedral to show off their son's skills, I broke it and made a better Boeing 747 model and said: "not sure to be an architect yet."

I am a modifier. My young pals and I were enjoying toy pistol fight. But I realized it is dangerous after a plastic bullet hurt my forehead. So I transformed the pistols to be able to shoot gummy bears and we had good times. I am also a waster. Those guns can no longer shoot plastic bullets.

Novemeber, 2011. Siwei was an University of Minnesota undergraduate student making a gypsum cement model for the first time. Outside the architecture building, he struggled mixing out the lumps with the stick, the mixture was thickening, tick tick. Rolled up his sleeves, he dipped his forearm into the freezing cold mixture, reached out every corner of the bucket, withhold the cold, and dispersed the lumps one by one. The mixture was no longer freezing, getting warmer and warmer, from forearm to his whole body, he had the most realistic “the little match girl” experience possible. At the end of the day, the cast was successful, and Siwei is in deep love with cement.